Hijab liberates France oppress

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In the country of “freedom” and “dignity” of women, the implementation of “hijab ban” is imposed in public places and arrested more than 50 women in more cunning way who were in hijab. And the so called world is only busy in their “busy” schedule, not even concerned what is happening to the women around the world.

There are people who make hue-and-cry on simple issues. And when it comes to women’s dignity they keep their mouth shut. Where are the “Human Rights” activists? Is it not violation of Human rights? Or you don’t consider Muslim women to be humans? Where are the women rights activists? What is wrong if women cover herself of her own will? The protest of women clearly shows the enthusiasm in wearing hijab. If the president really concerned about women then he will immediately allow women to wear hijab even in public places.

N. Sarkozy and C. Bruni at Agra
Nikolas Sarkozy says, it is an "oppression" to wear veil, and further says, it also "degrades". I don’t know what definition did Sarkozy learnt of “degradation”. If covering of whole body means degradation, then why did he allow his wife Carla Bruni to degrade herself while visiting a shrine of Sufi saint in Agra, India? Is it not degradation of women when they are used as marketing tool? They are used only for selling the products, attracting customers, and even getting sponsors in the event conducted by schools and colleges. And poor women cannot even understand the usage of them.

He is inviting the society towards vulgarism and exposing women to the depraved world. There are women who do not cover their body completely, they roam semi-nude and some even wear little bit of pieces (bikini). Is it freedom? If you call this as freedom, then don’t cry if your mother and sisters get raped in the society. Even the rapists should have the freedom to rape; criminals should have freedom to commit crime. Ah! Now don’t quote me out of context. Freedom should have limits. We should maintain our standard of being human. If modesty is in removing clothes then animals are more modest than us.

O my sisters…. Don’t become fool in this glittering world; don’t sell yourself because of mere some worldly benefits. Understand the trap set for you, come out of it and recognize the real status what the creator has set for you.

Think for yourselves, which is better? Get the statistics of crimes and save yourself from the trap of satan - towards the unethical society. Hijab is the complete solution for existing problems. It guards you and your soul. And let the women follow and accept hijab as their way of life. And men have no right to interfere in their life to tell them how to lead their life when the creator has already shown the way.

Lets us stand together, be it men or women, black or white, this country or that, this religion or that…. Let us be united and help the women to gain their status which is set by the creator and give them freedom from the material agenda which is hidden behind the colorful screen of art and culture. 

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  1. yes this is right brother
    now the problem is from the muslim girl, why many of them dont wear hijab even they know that it is command from Allah the almighty and also obligatory for us as muslim girls.
    Allah command us (women) to wear it because of beneficence of it but still they don't wear it .
    they should learn more about islam rule
    this happened because many muslim girls didnt learn Islam well, they just follow western style and modern way of life,
    as muslims girl we should not follow western way
    we must follow Allah rule
    may Allah give us hidayah
    let us unite our Ummah to implement Islam way


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