With a Mission: My Dawah Tour to Bangalore

By: Iftikhar Islam

As we are planning to start a school in our city, I (and Aijaz Ahmed, GPRF coordinator) had an opportunity to visit Bangalore, see Al-Basheer International School and attend one-day program on “The Role of Muslims in the field of education”.

Al Basheer International School - Bangalore:
This was my visit to ‘International’ School and I overwhelmed seeing the atmosphere of the school. Girls and boys are separated with proper hijab, lunch timing, playing schedule, etc. The given moral values add another feather to the cap of the students apart from the curriculum which is taught in the class rooms.

The school has its own playing ground wherein the staffs and students play in their respective timing which makes even the staff of the school as a student and gives them a fresh feeling. The prayer hall separated both for boys and girls enhance them spiritually which makes the students offer Salah in the prescribed time in discipline. Separate staff rooms for males and females helped them to be flexible and observe proper hijab, giving them the feeling of peace which helps the work-flow in the Islamic perspective. The school has only 24 students in one classroom and has no less than 17 school-vans reaching across the city.

GRPF and ICGF members along with Brother Abdul Lateef Atear (from ILM Foundation, Hyderabad) were over joyed when Brother Umar Shariff introduced us to the students of III standard. The confidence of the students was marvelous and the skills which they got nurtured in Al Basheer International clearly exhibited how carefully these diamonds were cut and polished from all the sides.


When Brother Umar Shariff called the students to perform skit which was performed in last year’s Annual Day. Majority of the students rushed out of the benches and performed the skit so beautifully that astounded us to see them recollecting the steps and perform without hesitation. May Allah bless Br. Umar Shariff and his entire family and team for the hard work and sacrifices they are giving in the cause of Allah.

We used to say that we are in need Muslims’ schools and colleges; then we realize that these institutions did not help the community in any manner but was another form of a profit making business. Then we thought of making Islamic Schools but we found that complete Islam was not there in these schools. Al-Basheer International is not only Islamic School but they have Islam in their school. The Principal of the school rightly said “We don’t want Islamic school rather we are in need of Islam in our schools”; we govern completely by the rules of the creator and implement it in our schools and day-to-day life.

Many more things are to be said about Al-Basheer International but I am not able to pen it here. Br. Adam gave us the required information and answered our counter questions to make us understand.

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