Urge to protest against Sarkozy’s visit – French burqa ban issue.

The moment I came to know about the visit of French President Nikolas Sarkozy, I remembered the ban of Hijab in France. He is same person who imposed the ban on Hijab in his country in the name of “freedom” and “dignity” by hurting the second large community (Muslims) of his very own country, which counts more than 4.27 million, apart from hurting billions of the world.

“The burqa is the tip of the iceberg,” Mr. Gerin said. “Islamism really threatens us.” In a letter to the government, he wrote: “It is time to take a stand on this issue that concerns thousands of citizens who are worried to see imprisoned, totally veiled women.” Of which thousands of citizens are you worried of, Mr. Genin? The women who wear the hijab and feel it is their right?

Few days later, the ‘Super president’ said in 2009 that “the burqa is not welcome on the territory of the French Republic.” As he thinks it is “degradation” of women’s dignity and freedom. “The problem of the burqa is not a religious problem,” he said. “It is a problem of liberty and the dignity of women. It is a sign of servitude and degradation.” Any logical person can understand that the protest of Muslim women around the globe, especially in France – is proof in itself – that it is the choice of Millions, neither compulsion nor a sign of servitude and degradation. In spite of this, the “super president” continues with his blind faith of “dignity”. Do you know what is freedom and dignity, Mr. Sarkozy? Is it you who decide or the women who wear hijab to decide their dignity? By criticizing hijab, you have criticized Islam as a whole, which gives the solution to the existing problems of yourselves.

Nikolas Sarkozy was on four-day tour to India in the name of “Nuclear deal”. The leaders of a community of two percent in billion plus population, yes! I am referring to Sikhs, wrote to the prime minister urging him to take up "such discriminatory rules" which are being implemented in France. This shows the passion of the community to follow what they believe in.

In September 2008 summit talks in Paris, the Prime Minister stressed that the turban was "a very essential part of the Sikh way of life." But it is very wretched to say, no Muslim leader could even venture to pick up the issue of “Hijab ban” and write to the prime minister to take up this issue, and convey the importance of Hijab in the house of Islam. It is mandatory on every Muslim woman to wear a veil when she is out of her house. It is the commandment of the Creator and plays a significant role, not only in women’s, but also in men’s life too.

No Muslim could even dare to protest (obviously peacefully) and show him that he even hurted the Muslims of India – the nation which he is boosting of friendship - who possess more than 14 percent in the billion plus population of this sub-continent. Not even one Muslim politician took pain to write a letter to Prime Minister, Not a single so called “religious leaders” who tried to take out time from their busy schedule of issuing nonsense fatwas - on the persons like Sania Mirza, Salman Khan, who does not even represent Islam - and tried to urge the prime minister to take the issue seriously. Not even a single preacher (apart from Brother Asifuddin of IACR, as far as my knowledge goes), could even protest online (or best of his ability) and conveyed the message of peace to the so called “super president”. India is the country which gives “freedom of expression” to each citizen of the country. But no one bother to utilize this right and convey the message of Hijab. The Glorious Quran reminds us that Allah will change the condition of the people only if they themselves put forth the effort (13:11). And we are seeing this in Sikh community, Amazing!

Mr. Sarkozy said in his visit: “No nation and no region can live in isolation. If we succeed in defeating terrorism and the insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we will have eliminated a major source of global instability.” Of which Global instability are you talking about, Mr. Sarkozy? Banning Hijab itself leads to global instability. It increases indecent behavior in the people; it gives rise to various crimes in the society like sexual abuse, rape, etc. How can you think of Globe becoming stable when you hurt the feelings of world’s second largest community? How can you succeed in fighting terrorism when you don’t have a clean heart? Did you ever tried to know the reason of implementation of Hijab? It is the solution to your problems. Do you have any other solution better than Hijab?

Mr. Sarkozy, how can we make friendship with you when you have degraded our sisters who lived in your country? You, yourself decided the dignity and didn’t even care the feeling of more than 4.27 million people of your very own country, even when they conveyed you the message that they are interested in hijab. Are you interested to introduce the same rule in our country? India is a democratic country which welcomes and respects every religion; it is the right of every citizen to follow any religion of their choice. You are no comparable to us, and you are not liable of our friendship.

I request my Indian brothers to stand for justice and equality; it is only the way to success and progress of our great Nation. If we give hand in hand with those who don’t even know the meaning of dignity, then it is possible even we forget ethics.

This life is the test for the hereafter, we Muslims knows it better. So struggle for the establishment of Peace, otherwise God Almighty warns us by saying “And if you turn away (from the path), He will exchange you for some other people, and they will not be like you.”(47:38)

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