The vicious circle of Education – Parents, Teachers, and Students

Parents, teachers and students are the main framework of education. They are interdependent on each other and have some rights and duties towards each other. In this era of modernization, we come towards the vicious circle of Education. I had learnt in Economics “Vicious circle of Poverty” in my college days (When I was in Gogte College of Commerce, Belgaum), the outcome of that circle which I learnt is “We are poor because we are poor”! All the issues of poverty are related to one another. Same is the case with education - Parents, Teachers, and Students are inter-connected. When students do not excel in examinations, parents say teachers do not teach well; when it comes to teacher, she says students do not concentrate and study, they say parents are not responsible… so on and so forth go the allegations. The blame game continues to go on..

I remember my teacher’s saying when I was in standard ninth in Al Ameen English medium High School, that, the relation between these three characters in Education is very important and they should be very cooperative to each other. This prompted me to pen down and strengthen the bond of Teachers, Parents and Students. If any of the bonds loses its charm then the looser will always be a student (in particular) and a nation (as a whole) (because tomorrow’s Nation is built by todays’ students.)

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