My Letter to the King of Saudi Arabia: King Salman bin Abdul Aziz

By: Iftikhar Islam

To Allah do we belong and to Allah we shall return. May Allah forgive the short comings of the former King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and grant him ‘Jannat-ul-firdous’ by His Mercy. 

I congratulate you for being the leader of the people of Saudi Arabia. Allah has given you the honourable position by his mercy and history testifies it that the honour is always backed by responsibilities. As a brother in faith I am writing to you with sincere heart to fear Allah and stand up for the responsibilities Allah has bestowed on your shoulder. 

It is recognized that you are known as a mediator of disputes within royal family. I urge you to come out from the family to the entire kingdom and to the entire world and become a mediator to solve the disputes between the Muslim Ummah and stand as a shield to defend the honour of the Muslims around the Globe. You know very well the blood, honour and the property of the Muslims are as sacred as the city of Makkah. My dear brother in faith, I urge you to stand for justice and keep your words that you said “the key to bringing stability to the Middle East is to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” Speak truth and be bold as you were before when you said “Israel is a burden on the U.S." 

 My Letter to the King of Saudi Arabia: King Salman bin Abdul Aziz - Iftikhar Islam

I urge you to look into the matters of the Muslims around the Globe. They are in need of a good leader. They are in need of United Muslim Nations. I look forward to see you become another King Faisal who refuses to join hands with the criminals, who have blood of innocents on their head, and do something good for the entire Muslims of the world. We are in need of a brave Muslim leader who can stand before anyone in the world for truth and justice to establish. I hope you come up with the bravery and stand as a shield for the Muslims. 

People come and go but the work they have done remains in the heart of millions. Your brother was once the King of Saudi Arabia, now he is no more. He has to stand before Allah to answer about everything – whatever was under his control he has to answer it to the Rabbul Aalameen. Now you are in the line. It’s your turn to fulfill the duties given to you by Allah. I urge you to follow the righteous Khulafa and take examples from them to stand for justice. The Prophet of mercy (peace be upon him) said: “Remember one day you will have to appear before Allah and answer your deeds…” You will have to answer before Allah about whatever was in your control. Fear Allah brother and fulfil the responsibilities Allah has bestowed upon you. 

I know your family is blessed by Allah, but I would like you to ponder upon the children of Israel. They too were the chosen people of Allah. But it is the sunnah of Allah to destroy people who does not follow the commandments and replace another people who are far better than the previous. 

Before closing this letter, I would like to remind you the words of the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him). He said: “A ruler who, having obtained control over the affairs of the Muslims, does not strive for their betterment and does not serve them sincerely shall not enter Paradise with them.” (Sahih Muslim 142 g).

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