Editorial: AK-49 worked more than NM-257 and NM-4615 together: The Defeat of Modi.

By: Iftikhar Islam

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

The election result today, February 10th, 2015, have shocked not only the people of India but the entire Globe. Out of 70 seats, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won 67 with massive majority by creating a history and proving all the exit polls wrong in their predictions. The highest prediction was done at 48 seats by “Today’s Chanakya”.

We had seen the “modi wave” in the country during the National Elections. People were fed-up of “corrupt Congress” and were ‘forced’ to vote for “goonda-led BJP” because they didn’t had any other alternatives to save the Country from corruption. People thought BJP will emerge as an alternative against the corrupt giant of the Country and give them the possible solutions for the development of the Nation. But the BJP, after coming to the power, failed miserably to stand by to their commitments and promises they had given to the citizens who had hope in their party and the leadership of Narendra Modi.
Editorial: AK-49 worked more than NM-257 and NM-4615 together: The Defeat of Modi.

In the year 2014, the Delhi people were confused by the aggressive marketing done by the BJP and the ‘fake’ Gujarat model shown. Yet Mr. Arvind Kejriwal struggled to become Chief Minister of Delhi with the help of Congress. Fortunately or unfortunately he had to resign from the post for his honesty and commitment for work. He was in power for 49 days and worked truly for the development of the society from grass root level.

The 49 days of Arvind Kegriwal (‘AK-49’ as coined by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi) proved to be heavier as compared to 257 days (26 May 2014 - 6 Feb 2015) of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister (as I coin it as NM-257) and 2615 days (7 October 2001 – 22 May 2014) as Chief Minister of Gujarat together. The Modi wave is completely destroyed by the Kejriwal’s Tsunami. The people of Delhi had the comparison of 49 days of Arvind Kejriwal with that of 257 and 2615 days of Narendra Modi, and AK-49 proved to be heavier and stronger than NM-257 and NM-2615 put together. Narendra Modi failed to prove his leadership.

Even BJP didn’t had faith in Modi’s “Vibrant Gujarat model” and Kiran Bedi had to come in picture with her new “ideas” of 5S and 6Ps for the development of Delhi, which she couldn’t put down the throat of the people. As a management student, I had realized these tactics won’t help her in reaching the Chair when I saw the way she was expressing it to Rahul Kanwar in an interview on Headlines Today.

Narendra Modi had said “the temporary party [AAP], which is new and small, destroyed it [congress] for one year.” Now what happened in Delhi? It swept the entire BJP.The broom worked like JCB. Once BJP didn’t care for AAP and this time they fought to defeat them. The seats in the nano car are more than the seats BJP has won in this election. This is due to incapable leadership of Narendra Modi and worth-less ideas of Kiran Bedi. Wearing hi-fi suits does not qualify anyone to become a good leader. The history testifies that the people who brought revolution believed in “simple living, high thinking”.

The massive win of Arvind Kejriwal has shown the faith people of Delhi on him. “The AAP chief and the would be Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has won by 32,000 votes from New Delhi Assembly seat. More than 50 AAP candidates have by more than 20,000 margin. Among them 15 candidates have won by more than 40,000 margin creating a record of sorts. Roughly one out of every four AAP candidate has won by more than 40,000 lead or margin. This kind of victory margin clearly shows that the AAP victory is very huge by all yardsticks.” – IBN Live reported.

The overwhelming response from the public is also backed by huge expectations for the development and safety of the Capital city. People have hope in him and have given him a second chance to serve them and become the real hero. Now the ball is in his court, let us see how he performs in this coming five years.

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