Be Down to Earth - My Dawah tour to Ahmedabad.

By: Iftikhar Islam

All praise is due to God Almighty – The Lord of the Universe, I got a chance to visit Ahmedabad for divine purpose. I had received invitation from my beloved brother Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah to deliver a speech on the theme “Protect her Protect Future” and my topic was on Hayaa (Modesty).

The tour was an immense success that not only I delivered the speech but also met my beloved brother after a long time and was overwhelmed to meet his fabulous team. Even after traveling and visiting various centers I have not come across the team like ICGF. The way they work even in their busy schedule, no matter what – their exams, job or business – they are ready on one call of their leader. Allah has blessed Moinuddin a good team and has given him leadership skills which bind every member of ICGF as a family.

Da’wah is not just merely speaking on the stage. It is much more than that. We have to come down and interact one-to-one with the people and try to solve their issues, initiate conversations with people and deliver the message of God. When I visited the most popular mosque in Ahmedabad, I got a chance to interact with the tourists and deliver the message of God to them in the most appropriate manner and explain the beauties created by God Almighty for us and in return we have to recognize him and realize him; worship and surrender to none but Him; and thank him for He alone has created all these things exclusively for us. He is so merciful that he is continuously giving us chances to realize him and is constantly showing us His signs.

Tourist places are the best places for da’wah and to explain the purpose of our existence. People approach the tourist guide and want to know about the creation of God Almighty and you will have enormous time and opportunity to introduce the Creator of these creations.

People are eager to know the right path, they have time to listen to you, but you are not present where they spend their leisure time. People give attention to your words when you meet them in an appropriate place. Grab the opportunities and let your team go to places where tourists come from across the globe and present to them the message of peace and truth about the existence.

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