Tears - a beautiful remedy; are you willing to accept??

When I visited an eye specialist in my city Belgaum, I had to wait for my turn in the waiting room; there I saw a pamphlet on the table “Do you have a dry eye?” It begins with the explanation of “Dry eye” saying: “Tears help your eyes to stay moist, healthy and comfortable. Dry eye is an eye condition that affects the quantity or quality of your tears causing your eyes to feel dry and irritated.”

While I was flipping through the pamphlet I remembered the life of the Companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They are acknowledged for their hard work throughout the day. They were spotted on the horses fighting in the battle fields, they were found in the market involved in trading. But at night, the same Companions were distinguished on the Musalla (prayer place) standing, bowing and prostrating in front of their Lord and crying for their sins. They cried and shed tears so much so that their beard used to get wet, make fissures in the mud, and what not!

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