When Education becomes Business

By: Iftikhar Islam

People are marching towards education. Education has become a basic necessity of life. Every parent is expecting their child to pass out from a good College and have good education, have degrees added to his feather. But in this journey of education, what happens when the same education becomes business. Can these educational institutions produce good citizens? Can we have a better society to live in?

We have plenty of educational institutions in India which produces Doctors, Managers, Engineers, Business men, and what not. But when institutions becomes a company where profit matters the most,the same professionals in the form of Doctor, Engineers, Managers, business men will soon take the form of criminals; stealing kidneys, using low level of material, and spreading corruption across. In the professional attire they commit heinous crimes. They create a mentality of “what is wrong in it?” They master the art of presenting evil in the most beautiful way. Knowledge disappears. Merely degrees do not have value; person should also cultivate ethics in him. These ethics must be taught in educational institutions.

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