Are you trapped in obscenity: The craze of porn

In today’s era, our cohort of teens and youngsters is marching towards lewd things - Open or Secret. The pornographic industry has become a house hold fame of young minds. It is the main reason which spoils the mind set of our youth. Almost every home has internet connection and privacy too and the friend circle and discussion gives an added advantage for our youth to stride towards this industry but beware… this is not the only reason why youths are addicted to this industry.

If you are in late 20’s and early 30’s and not yet married, even then there are soaring chances of getting caught up in pornographies. Youths are even geared up to pay for watching absurd things which Almighty Allah prohibits. Most of them, on the face of it, look very religious, pious, and even try to spread Quranic teachings and Sunnah, but unfortunately they fail to peep into their own selves! The Almighty Allah commands us not to spread something which we do not practice ourselves.

How rightly Allah commands us and says: “Leave (O mankind, all kinds of) sin, open and secret. Verily, those who commit sin will get due recompense for that which they used to commit.” (Quran 6:120) Allah watches on all our activities. Further Allah orders and commands Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to say: “In fact, my Lord has forbidden all kinds of lewd and obscene acts whether committed openly or in secret: (all sorts of) sins and wrongful oppressions, associating anything (or anyone) with Allah for which He has revealed no sanction, and attributing to Allah that about which you know nothing.” (Quran 7:33) In this verse Allah has first pointed out ‘lewd and obscene’ acts, also stressed on committing open or secret, and then he goes on to Shirk and we know Shirk is a very major Crime yet Allah (swt) stressed on obscene act first and then goes on to ‘associating partners’.

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