Education of both the worlds – Answering the critique of Zakir Naik

Education of both the worlds is what we need to achieve success in this world as well as in the hereafter. Islam has given utmost stress on acquiring education. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “It is obligatory upon every Muslim to acquire knowledge.”

Today we find schools, colleges and universities managed by Muslims, but unfortunately the education taught there is not Islamic. The knowledge students acquire in those institutes may help them in this world but it is of no use in the hereafter.

We should come up with greater number of schools and colleges that should not only be managed by Muslims but we should also incorporate the fundamentals and Saheeh Aqeedah of Islam into the syllabi. The students should be trained in such a way that they would be we well-versed in Islam as well as they should excel in the world.

With this purpose, Dr. Zakir Naik in much awaited speech of Peace Conference 2011 “Education of both the worlds” shook the audiences on Friday night. He conveyed the importance of having schools which provides education of both the worlds.

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