Editorial: “Sluggish Judicial System, Reckless Police and Irresponsible Media”… Welcome to India!!!

By: Iftikhar Islam

We need Justice not the compensation, shrieked the victims… 

Seven out of nine arrested in Malegaon bomb blast case in 2006 were released on 5th November, 2011 proving themselves innocent. After the rigorous imprisonment of five years, the court has given the order to release seven well-educated Muslim boys who were arrested in association with the bomb blast. The young boys have already spent the five years of precious life behind the bars – taking all sorts of tortures - for the crime they didn’t even think of! They have lost the most beautiful moments of life and buried all their desires to live as normal well respected citizens of the society.

“"We want the real accused to be brought to book. We want justice," said Shafiq Ahmed, who lost his son Sajid, who was to go to China to pursue a MBBS degree course, in the blast.” - Reported Zee News India.

Police, in the name of suspicion, pick up random people and present them to the court as if they are the real criminals. They are relieved from the torture of the media who haunt them for answers about their duties and field work and their efficiency in grabbing hold of the culprits associated with crime. So no one questions whether the individuals arrested are real criminals or not! The statements are given as if the person has revealed everything to the police. Even police sometimes threaten to torture them and their families if they don’t confess the crime – which they never committed! Shame on our judicial system!

On the other hand, our judicial system is running like a bullock cart with the massive population. Population is boon, not a bane to the society. I say Indian population is a boon to the society. There is a joke “In America the intelligent is called an Indian.” India has produced most intelligent people on earth. India has huge productive population. But our system has failed to produce enough judges or to be more apt.. enough “corrupt-free judges”. We have lack of judges in India as compared to other nations. A single judge has to solve many cases, this is the reason why there is a delay in Justice and innocents who are arrested are tortured. 

Just like flying technology, even our judicial system flies, there will be quick justice and criminals will not dare to commit the crime. Slow judicial system is very much responsible for the increasing crimes in India.

Furthermore, the media is equally responsible for not highlighting the issue where innocents are getting tortured day by day. Injustice is what they are seeing with their own eyes, but leaving it as if they have not seen it. Media should have an eagle’s eye which should catch the crime even of the remotest area. They should catch the negligence of the police and other officials, and highlight the issue till the crime gets eradicated from the society. Media played a very important role in the independence of our Nation. It was the just and honest media which turned the table of the Britishers’ and forced them to leave our country. 

Today we have enough technology, out-numbered News Channels and yet crime is increasing at an increasing rate. These news agencies are concerned what Rahul Gandhi speaks of opposition, they are interested in the records that Sachin adds to his feather. They are engrossed in those news which increase their TRP (Target Rating Point/ Television Rating Point). No matter what happens to the innocents. No matter who suffers!

If we are not responsible in our duties, then what is the use of us claiming of protecting the rights of the citizens? Running a Judicial system in a bullock-cart speed itself shows the sincerity of the government towards the crime. Arresting the innocents and torturing them to accept the crime reveals the real face of Police. And we don’t even need to bring out the dual nature of our Media. 

If everyone in their place does their duty in an appropriate manner, then in no time we will see a huge decrement in the crime and human rights violation. The only solution lies in accountability. Yes, the concept of accountability will force them to perform their duties. One day you have to answer for all what you did.

“So on that Day no excuse of theirs will avail the transgressors, nor will they be invited (then) to seek grace (by repentance).” [Al-Quran 30:57]

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