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By: Iftikhar Islam

We all know the importance of last days of Ramadhan. The last ten days and most important the last seven days. The Mother of the believers, Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her), narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to tighten his waist and used to worship the entire (or most of the part of) nights. He even used to wake up his wives for the worship. She also narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to worship more in these days as compare to others.

Allah has blessed the most important night in this period and raised the standard of this night to more than 1000 months. This distinctive night – laylatul Qadr – is so special that we don’t even know the exact night. It has a VVIP entrance. We don’t know when it comes. But we surely know it comes in the odd nights of last ten days. Yes! We know this. We are aware of this special night and the blessings of Allah. This Ummah is fortunate enough to get this blessed month with extra-ordinary rewards plus super-extra-ordinary booties in last days. The offer does not ends here. It continues with a blessed night more superior than 1000 months. Indeed, what a blessed month, Subhanallah!

All the offers are exclusive for Ramadhaan. We have to strive to get it in order to stay blessed. Do you even think of such an offer, an offer which is more blessed than the amaal of the entire life, such a beautiful blessings, that too, from our Master – Allah? But we, on the contrary, are busy enough with the offers of the slaves. We have put aside the offer of Allah, which we very well know the best of offers, and are busy in the market like shayaateen missing even our obligatory (fardh) Salaah. How shameful are we. We do not even regret our attitude, go on dis obeying the Lord, and wait to get the supplications answered like hypocrites.

It is very shameful upon us to neglect the offers given by Allah, only for the sake of getting new variety of clothes for eid, various dishes to enjoy, or time to spend lavishly like the disbelievers. Astagfirullah. Astagfirullah. Indeed Allah said, “This life is the test for the hereafter” and we are busy in decorating this life by keeping the hereafter on the edge of the sword. O Muslims think yourself, are you fit to be called as Muslims? Don’t you even feel shy to roam in the market without hijab (that too in the month of Ramadhaan)? How much will you again disobey your Lord? Do you think you have the right to celebrate by disobeying your Master? Will Allah accept your deeds with this kind of attitude? We need to answer these serious questions and many more alike.

Allah has blessed one night in the entire year. We, the “follower” of the Prophet (peace be upon him), are neglecting this night and roaming in the streets of the city enjoying the disobedience of Allah, throwing out the hijab, just eating and drinking without any iota of regret of missing salaah and Layla tul Qadr. “Indeed the loser is he who did not strive to get this night”, said the Prophet (peace be upon him). You have lost the most important part of Ramadhaan if you have missed the worship of Laylatul Qadr. Indeed loser is he who got the month of Ramadhaan and did not get himself pardoned.

It is not wrong to wear the latest pattern of dresses. It is not wrong to go for a shopping in the last days. But we fail to realize we are doing all these behind the colourful screen of “permissibility”, with the price of fard (obligatory) salah and the most important worships of Ramadhaan. Don’t be in the wrong impression of enjoying Ramadhaan. A true follower enjoy Ramadhaan in the worship of Allah. Ramadhaan is the month of training, not time-pass. It is the month of extra worship, hard work, setting goals, getting prepared, and working towards the poor to eradicate poverty. It is the month of asking forgiveness, crying in front of your Lord, knowing your standard in front of your Creator. Striving to get closer and closer with the Master. It is the month of getting connected to Allah and worship him as he should be worshiped. As the mother of the believers said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to tighten his waist and indulge in the prayers in the last ten days of Ramadhaan. And we the “followers” of the same Prophet (peace be upon him) are busy in the market disobeying the Master – Allah.

Yet we cry that our Ummah is not in the good state of affairs. The Glorious Quran rightly says (13:11) “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

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