Ramadan and our habits

Ramadan and our habits - Islamic Reasoning - Iftikhar Islam

By: Iftikhar Islam

In this beautiful Ramadan, Alhamdulillah, we strive to fast regularly. Even those who are not religious will portray himself (or herself) to be religious. But there are some habits which are yet attached even in Ramadan. May Allah give us enough strength so that we can gain maximum out of Ramadan.

There are few habits within the Muslim Ummah, which makes the Ummah backward. It is because of lack of knowledge. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “It is obligatory upon every Muslim (male or female) to acquire knowledge”. Few of the habits are as follows which Muslims attach even in Ramadan.


It is a very heinous crime in the sight of Allah and He compared it with eating the dead meat of a brother. But due to our sinful nature, we don’t even realize how we fall in the category of backbiting. Most of them even don’t think it as backbiting and say “I can even say on his face (in front of him)”. This statement is enough to prove that what you are indulging in is backbiting. Turn to Allah immediately and pray for the person about whom you were backbiting.

Ah! Is it Makrooh or Haraam? My dear brothers it is Haraam. Yes… completely Haraam. Ramadan is the month of training. Even in the training session if we indulge ourselves in useless habits, then what is the use of this session? This session will stand against us on the day of Judgement and Allah will question us about this opportunity in which we could have transformed ourselves. People hurry in Suhur (saheri) so that they get time for smoking. And soon after iftaar they smoke, not even realizing that they are missing Maghrib Salah.


Allah says spendthrift is a brother of devil. No doubt, devils are chained but we become the brothers of devil and involve ourselves in all such kind of activities. Even we miss our precious worship – which Allah multiplies seventy times more – and involve in shopping and extravagance activities.

Time Pass: 

A wide smile comes on your face hearing this word. There is no concept of Time-pass in Islam. We have to utilize the time given to us. Playing unnecessary games and maintaining a friends-group where you can waste your time is completely prohibited in Islam. Time is very precious, utilize it.

Sleeping after fajr salah is very common in Muslim Ummah. This is one of the reason of backwardness of our people. The fajr time is more valuable and Allah has kept blessings in it.

Few of the habits are exclusive for Ramazaan. People developed certain kind of habits in the name of busy schedule. Inventing new practices that didn’t exist at the time of Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Every innovation in religion is biddah”. But we invent without a second thought. Offering Taraaweeh of ten days, seven days, three days and most disgusting of one night in which Quran is completed respectively is also an innovation. This practice was not found at the time of Prophet (peace be upon him), Companions (Sahaaba)(Raziallahu Anhum ajmaeen), neither it is found at the time of Great Aimma (May Allah have mercy on them). Quran is recited to understand, ponder, and most importantly to receive guidance. If we listen to the recitation which is recited in the speed of 100 miles per hour then what benefit you have gained? Allah will not reward those deeds which are not in accordance with Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I urge my Musim brothers and sisters not to involve in such kind of activities which is not ordained by Allah. Do you think Allah is in need of our worship? No! Absolutely not..! Allah is As-Samad.. He does not require any thing, but everything requires him. Without the permission of Allah nothing happens. So worship for your benefit. And don’t dare to go ahead of Prophet (peace be upon him), because Prophet (peace be upon him) was a man who feared Allah most and made this deen easy for his followers, so follow what is been prescribed. And remember.. Even Companions of Prophet (peace be upon him) were business-men, workers, job-holders, etc. but they didn’t take this short-cut method of offering taraaweeh in a few days or should I say few hours!

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