Ponder over it – Do you have any?

Ponder over it - Do you have any? By: Iftikhar Islam | Islamic Reasoning

I was listening to a Friday sermon in a Mosque in Hyderabad on July 06, 2012. The beautiful sermon on Ikhlaas included a hadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) where he (peace be upon him) narrated an incident of three people who took shelter in a cave. You might have heard this hadeeth many times but did you ever ponder on it?

Let me remind you the hadeeth once again. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: There were three people who took shelter in the cave. Due to heavy rain, suddenly they saw a huge rock blocked the way of cave and there was no other way to move out. The three men decided to ask Allah through their deed which they have done for the sake of Allah.

One said: “O Allah, there was a beautiful cousin of mine, I tried to grab her attention towards me, but she never gave any attention to me. One day due to famine she was helpless and came for a help. In turn I asked her for a favour and she agreed to it. When I over powered her and was about to commit sin, she said “O my brother, fear Allah” then I left her fearing you alone. The rock moved a little. But there was not enough space to move out.

The second person said: “O Allah, I used to work the whole day and at night I used to milk the goats and present its milk to my mother. One day I had gone long in search of wood and came back late. When I milked the goats and present to my mother she had gone to sleep. I didn’t give the milk to my children and wife. I stood beside them and when they woke up in the morning I presented the milk to them. O Allah, if you have any value of my deed, remove the obstacle from in-between” the rock moved a little. But there was not enough space to move out.

The last person said: “O Allah, I had taken some work from workers. Everyone took their wages in the evening. But one left without taking it. I included his wages in my business. One day he returned and asked his wages as he was in need of it. I told him “All these which you are seeing is of yours” the person said, “Are you joking to me – How can all these cattle can be of mine?” The person said: “I included your wages in my business and got profit which you are seeing” and the person took all the cattle and went away. The person said: “O Allah, If you have any value of my deed, remove the obstacle from in-between”. The rock moved and all the three persons got escaped.

The Shaykh, on the member, narrated it so beautifully. But I was thinking do I have any incident for which even I can ask from my Lord – The Almighty. Believe me brothers I didn’t find one… Yes, not even one. My eyes were about to fill with tears. I didn’t have any incident which can please my Lord – The Almighty, Allah. I was in grieve and prayed sincerely the Juma Salah. But the narration stuck my heart. I came back with a lesson to collect as many deeds as I can which is done only for the sake of Allah alone.

Now I am asking you the same question, dear readers. Do you have any of your incident from which you can ask from your Lord – The only Master? If the answer is ‘yes’, Alhamdulillah – All praise is due to Allah, then include me in your supplications so that Allah – The Almighty - may forgive me through you. If the answer is ‘no’, then Allah is the Most Merciful Lord, He has given you a chance to do good deeds more and more. Utilize this opportunity to do good deeds only for the sake of Allah alone.

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