Which of the blessings of our Lord will we deny?

By: Iftikhar Islam

Thanking is an attitude of a human being. A good human being thanks a lot. The moment they are helped, or they are gifted with anything, they thank the person. However, as a Muslim, our responsibility becomes more. Apart from thanking, we supplicate and pray for the betterment of the person.

Yes! We do thank our fellow human being when we are helped. But we forget the real source of help – the God Almighty - Allah. Thanking Allah does not motivate him. Thanking Allah does not elevate him. Thanking Allah does not make him great. Allah is already the Great… In fact, the Greatest. It is we who get peace of mind and gets motivated to do much more good to the society, when we realise Allah as the real source of help.

He has gifted us the things which we cannot even imagine. He has created everything for us – The whole Universe. Just think of it… The sun is rising for us, the air is moving for us, the moon is shining for us, and our heart is beating so that we are alive - then which of the blessings of our Lord will we deny?

The world is designed beautifully for us. The Mountains are erected for our protection. The Ozone layer is created as a shield for us. The ship sails on the ocean for our benefit. The airplane fly for our comfort. The water flows here and there to give us food. The waves dance on the sea shore to keep us fresh. The barren land turns green for our survival. The trees absorb carbon-di-oxide to give us oxygen. Then which of the blessings of our Lord will we deny?

There are numerous blessings Allah has favoured upon us. We are blessed with good environment to live. We have parents, friends, spouses, relatives who loves and care us. Allah has blessed us with good sight, he has gifted us with hands and legs, and he has given us good health. There are many people in this world who do not have those blessings which we are enjoying! Yet, we blame Allah for what we don’t have. When are we going to develop the habit of thanking Allah in the manner he should be thanked?

Indeed, the Quran says “إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ لِرَبِّهِ لَكَنُودٌ” “Verily! Mankind is ungrateful to his Lord” Yes we are indeed ungrateful to our Lord. When he has blessed us with more than what we deserve, don’t you think we need to obey his commandments and follow it sincerely? Do we offer Salah regularly? Do we give charity sincerely? Do we love to observe hijab? There are many questions which we can raise on ourselves.

Let’s ask ourselves sincerely, when Allah has blessed us with so many blessings which we haven’t even asked for it, then what have we done to Allah? Have we respected his commandments? Allah loves hayaa, do we love hayaa? Allah loves hijab, do we love to be in hijab? Allah loves kindness, are we kind enough? Allah loves charity, do we give enough in charity? Allah loves his slaves to come to him, do we offer Salah regularly?

Let’s ponder on ourselves and realise what Allah wants from us. He is our Creator and Master. When he has blessed us with so many things, then which of the blessings of our Lord will we deny?

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