My Open Letter to the Terrorists: Peshawar Attack

Alhamdulillah social media is the best tool to reach out those whom we don’t even know. Today with the help of this platform I would like to send a message to those terrorists who have done the monstrous act of terrorism in Peshawar, Pakistan.

It is cowardice to attack the civilians who are not equipped with the weapons and military training. It is barbarism to kill innocents and include women and children. Are these the teachings your religion? Oh you belong to the religion called “Terrorism” and how can we expect peace from you? Beware don’t associate yourself with any religion which stands for peace and humanity. Don’t even dare to associate yourself with the religion of Islam.

Islam does not teach killing of any innocent human being. The Quran explicitly says, to kill one human life is to kill the entire humanity (5:32) and Allah calls to the home of peace (10:25) and warn with the severe punishment to those who transgress. It is forbidden to kill women and children even in the war field. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, warned his followers to destroy religious places, killing women and children, destroying plants and agriculture. An Islamic soldier is permitted to kill only a soldier which comes from the army of the enemies.

My Letter to the Terrorists - Iftikhar Islam

I urge you to read the teachings of Islam before you take the name of Islam to attack anyone or fulfill your unjust desires. Dare not to malign Islam or those who are working for it. Keeping an Islamic name or those resembling to Muslims does not make you the follower of Islam and calculate you people in the fold of Muslims. 

If you want to really fight, then fight with the army; wage an open war against the army. Kill not the innocents. Kill not the children. What had they done, what was their crime? Are you so fearful that you are even killing the children to protect your seats and positions? No wonder… you might have not studied the events happened in the past. Don’t you know what happened to Pharoah, who claimed to be the god on earth? Don’t you know about his minister who was the wealthiest man? What happened to him? Have you not studied about those people who used to construct houses in the rocks? What happened to them? They all were destroyed by Allah. Even your turn will come soon. It’s a curse from us and the curse of all those who curse. Indeed, you will be defeated by your own heavy conspiracies. 

How can you live in peace when you kill hundreds of children mercilessly? How can you live in peace when you have destroyed the future of the emerging homes? How can you live in peace when you are terrorists? You all should be put to death in the midst of the roads without mercy. You have not taken heed of historical events. All the transgressors were destroyed by their own deeds. Even you too will be destroyed in the same manner. And Allah does not forgives those who transgress.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has already warned us about you by saying “The Hour shall not be established until tribes of my Ummah unite with the idolaters…” (Tirmidhi 2219). Time will come soon where Allah will expose you, and your bases from where you plan, and your partners who funds you for all these activities, and all the supporters who used to support you in your filthy work. Remember Muslims can NEVER do this type of gutless activities. It is not the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to kill innocents. 

Allah warns you in the Quran “and never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].” (14:42).

Fear the wrath of Allah. It will soon trample you and your partners. Aameen.

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