Under the shade of Scholars: My Dawah tour to Kerala

When I was returning back home after the lectures of Madani scholars including Dr. R. K. Noor and Shaykh Arshad Basheer Madani in Hubli, I received a phone-call from the ‘Global Head’ of Team AskislampediA, Br. Mansoor. I was glad to know that he wanted me to join their Dawah trip to Kerala. I wondered and didn’t even give a second thought in accepting his invitation. Alhamdulillah… then I started thinking, for this Shaykh I left Bangalore and chose Hyderabad as my city of Post-Graduation studies, the shaykh for whom I had prepared a list of questions to be answered, the shaykh under whom I dreamt to get educated. Now I am getting a chance to be with him. Not only to hear his lectures but also to be with him in his meetings, his whereabouts and most importantly getting trained of the minor errors we do in our day to day life.

I knew the nature of the shaykh as I had already spent some time with him in his own house in Hyderabad. The most humble shaykh my friend asserted, and I discerned him as one of the jolliest nature. I forgot all my worries throughout the journey in presence of Shaykh (As I had seen qualms in my parents’ eyes. They wanted to plan for some other journey with me.) He sees to it that we are the happiest people in his presence. 

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