Time-Table: Climbing up the first ladder to Success

We always panic hearing the word “Time Table”. Time table is an organized and systemic way of doing our scheduled work. It briefs you the approximate amount of work you can do within the limited time you have. It is said “Failing to plan is planning to fail” so making time table for daily routine can change your life completely. It helps you utilize your time effectively and you are able to do more productive work in the limited time available.

Time Table is essential for every age group and we should strive to follow the time table which we make. Remember the moment when we get the timetable for our examination, how active we become, isn’t it? Even our parents become active as though it is the time table for their examination! We try to reach the examination hall before the scheduled time as we know the exam starts at precise timings.

In spite of the importance of time table, we confer blind-eye for its preparation. We never try to make a time table of our daily routine. There are various reasons because of which we do not make time table. Some of the lame facts or excuses are stated below:

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