Terrorism is not at all supported by any way in Islam. “If you kill a person, it is as if you have killed the whole of Humanity” is what Islam says. Acquiring Peace is what Islam teaches. And most importantly living in peace is what Islam aims at… not only materialistic peace but spiritual too. Allah calls to the home of peace is what the Glorious Quran articulates {in Surah Yunus (10):25}.
Yet, our country’s men do not have faith in Islam. Can I raise a question “When will our Government be responsible?” When will the Government take in confidence the huge group, yet in minority – the largest minority community in the country? The community who has sacrificed their productive young scholars for the independence of the country. The community which contributes in the building the great nation. Yet, the whole community is targeted. The youths are under attack. The educated faction is tortured. Do we have to prove our patriotism? Do we need to testify the love for our country...

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