Smoking has become familiar in our youths – be it male or female. Our young generations feel proud in smoking and thinks it adds another feather to their style. Once my friend said, “An engineer is incomplete without cigarette.”(He is an engineering student.) Especially the students who live in hostels involve in these kinds of activities (like: watching movies, drinking, smoking, and even involving in illegal sex.)All this is due to passionate in watching movies. In the name of entertainment, education, etc. movies plays vital role in changing the mindset of our youths.

But smoking has various side-effects. It not only terminates your body but it also affects your social life too. It is like throwing yourself into destruction and God Almighty prohibits indulging in these kinds of activities in the Glorious Quran, which says:“And do not throw yourself unto destruction” [Surah Baqarah (2):195.]Death rate of smokers is 2-3 times higher than non-smokers. It is estimated to cause 10 million deaths per year worldwide by 2020;1.2 million deaths in Europe;45,000 African American deaths in America;400,000 deaths in the USannuallyare caused by smoking alone.

There are various diseases caused by smoking like: Emphysema, Bronchitis, Chronic, structive Pulmonary,Coronary artery, Peripheral artery disease, Colorectal cancer,Liver cancer,Prostate cancer, Erectile dysfunction in men, Stomach cancer, Bladder and kidney cancer, Abdominal aortic aneurysm, Acute myeloid leukemia, Cataracts, Cervical cancer, Kidney cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Periodontitis, Pneumonia, Cancers of the larynx and mouth, Lung cancer. Majority of the diseases are irreversible – once affected never comes to the normal condition.

Smoking also contributes to conditions, such as:Hip fractures due to reduced bone density, Complications from diabetes as a result of peripheral vascular disease, higher incidence of post-surgical wound infections, reproductive complications, such as problems conceiving.

Smoking also affects your surroundings – the people around you and the environment. Even there are chances of the diseases for passive smokers (who inhale smoke from the smoker). Some people have developed cancer related to smoking who have never smoked before. These cases can possibly have a relationship to environmental causes and heredity.Because of you smoking others are also suffering. So quitting smoking gives healthy life to your coming generation.At least by thinking of others you should quit smoking. It even hurts the family members because of the diseases and the consequences you face of smoking.

The smoker doesn’t even realize the smell of smoking around him. There will be smell of smoking around him, on his hairs, clothes, bed on which he sleep, his room and other things which he usually use. And the smell last longer even after quitting.  You may lose your precious friends because of this habit - and many of you prefer to lose friendship but remain smokers. Recently, one incident my sister narrated to me that a man preferred to destroy his middle finger rather quitting smoking – Your friends are more precious than smoking.

Prevention is better than cure:

The best way to avoid developing these conditions and diseases is to stop smoking. You can enjoy immediate benefits by stopping smoking right now. You can see various developments in your body and hence you will be fit – physical and mental too. Your body begins to go through changes the moment you smoke your last cigarette like: reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, as well as reduced risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke. These changes continue as long as you don't smoke.

Other benefits include: increased sense of smell and taste, wounds heal faster than before, eradication of smoking-smell around you,physicaland mental fitness, etc.

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