Ramazan… coming soon! Be prepared.

Ramazan, the much awaited month. Yes! The most memorable month of Islamic calendar. Few days to go but what is our preparation? What is the state of our salah? Do we regularly pray? Yes! Brothers and Sisters, we have to prepare for this month. Let’s prepare before we think of getting-up for sahr and for fajr salah. Prophet (pbuh) disliked sleeping late after Isha, do go to sleep as early as possible immediately after Isha and you could get up for fajr and be fresh the whole day.

Let’s spend more of our time in masjids, and in the mids of righteous people, and be ready to gain as much deeds as possible. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Brothers and Sisters, plan now so that we can increase our good deeds more and easily in the month of Ramazan. Let not our salah becomes short cut, don’t delay. Iqamah will not be delayed because of you. Hence, you lose the blessings of Takbir-e-tahrima. Let’s be loyal to ourselves and plan to acquire the maximum blessings in Ramazan with much zeal.

Let’s welcome Ramazan by performing more and more good deeds and be prepared for the most beloved month.

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