Prepare, Prepare, Prepare... Ramadhan is on the way.

Insha Allah, within few days we will be blessed with our favourite month “Ramadhan”, the most Glorious month. The month in which shaitaan is chained and it is made easy for us to worship Allah. Are you prepared to welcome this month? Think.. Rethink… and Think again..

Of which preparation am I talking about? Preparation to roam here and there after iftaar or to have delicious food? Or to shop and avail Ramadhan discounts?? Did you think the same? I believe No. You might think of preparing for fasting, Preparing for regular Salah…. Am I right?

Yes, No doubt… we have to prepare and get ready to worship as much as we can. But what does worship mean? Is worship merely fasting, praying, etc.? No, Fasting and praying are just a part of worship, but not complete worship.

Worship means obeying Allah as He should be obeyed! Enjoining what is right and abstaining from evil is Worship. Now are we fully prepared for this holy month??? Still thinking??

Indulging in vain talks is not worship; troublesome also is not worship. In fact, Allah does not like one person harassing another. And if we harass a person who is fasting, then it will be a greater sin. Am I right? Allowing our Mother to wake up in the morning at 2:00 am, leaving her worship.. Most importantly Tahajjud and prepare for our Suhur (Saheri), is this not harassment? Urging her to prepare delicious food for and after iftaar, leaving all her important worship and the precious moments of supplications, Is it not harassment? Yes.. Indeed it is spiritual harassment! And this harassment continues for the whole month regularly.

Eating delicious food is not haram in Islam. But Worshiping and gaining more and more sawaab is far more superior than eating and having fun. You can very well bring delicious food from the market and leave our mothers and sisters to gain more and more sawaab by getting involved in ibadah.

Narrates Abu Hurairah (May Allah’s Mercy be on him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said “Aameen” (O Allah grant it) to the curse of Jibraeel, who said “whoever reaches the month of Ramadan and does not have [his sins] forgiven and so enters Fire”.

Is Ramadhan the month of training? I hope you agree.. Yes! Ramadhan is the month of Training! In this month we can fully develop ourselves. We should involve in worship more and more. We can have delicious food after Ramadhan also. But you cannot get the same reward of worship after Ramadhan. Utilize the time before it passes away. We don’t have the concept of Time-pass in Islam. Time is very precious and should be used accordingly.

Attending Islamic programs and seminars help in utilizing the time more effectively and we also get the opportunity to learn.

So, now it’s high time we tighten our seat belts and get ready to welcome Ramadhan. Let’s worship as much as we can. Let’s gain more and more knowledge. Let’s make this Ramadhan the best of all Ramadhans we ever came across in our lives as of now! Who knows this might be our last Ramadhan, death can overcome us any moment! Therefore we should be prepared to face our Lord after we die. May Allah give us strength to worship him and accept our deeds and save us from hell fire. [Aameen]

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