Editorial: Rape For Beef: How low do we fall again?

Since couple of years we are witnessing a row over beef. The real issue is not with the beef; it is with the cow. Cow is believed to be a sacred animal of Hindus and was restricted to be slaughtered in various empires including Mughals. However, the blood and honour of the human beings has been destroyed in the name of protecting cows.

People are being vandalized and harassed in the name of “cow protection”. Dalits and Muslims are beaten up mercilessly. Animals are more valued than humans in this great and world’s largest democratic country.

The recent incident of Dinger Heri in Haryana has put all the crimes to shame. Women are gang raped brutally and not even minors are spared – only because they allegedly consume beef. The Media’s silence, the so called primetime debaters really “missing” the issue, and Government’s action of checking biryani motivates these murderers, rapists and Gau Rakshaks.

“'You would not be able to kill Gau Mata this Bakrid’ while committing the heinous crime the rapists were repeatedly saying to the victim, said adv Ramzan citing one of the victims.” – Muslim Mirror report.

The PM wastes no time in speaking out if anything happens in the world but remains silent deliberately on Indian issues – mostly related to atrocities against Muslims, Christians, and Dalits.

The attitude of the people of India – including Human Rights activists, Women’s Rights activists and the so called feminists – have clearly depicted that this rape is different than the others. What we understand from the situations prevailing is ‘crime committed in the name of cow is no crime at all.’

Where are those women who participate in debating when it comes to the issues of women? You participate in debating when women are restricted in temples and shrines and deliberately hide yourself when it comes to the real issues? The relatives of the deceased – including minor – who were raped weren’t women according to you? Imagine a rape victim is said “You would not be able to kill Gau Mata this Bakrid.” I couldn’t even imagine the so called “protectors of cow” go to this extent.

Where do the sons go when ‘mata’ dies of hunger? Where they hide when their meat is exported and converted into leather materials? How many sons dare to keep at least one ‘mata’ in their homes? We talk about love which is totally fake! Action speaks louder than words. If you are really concerned about the cows, then do something beneficial for them. Let the nation see the solutions you come up with.

But vandalizing, killing and raping is not the solution for “protecting the cows”. The hypocrisy of the media, activists, leaders, government, and we the people promotes and motivates the criminals to commit the crimes fearlessly.

Even after amending the rape laws after Nirbhaya’s case, this crime against women is not decreased. It is not the formulation of the laws; it is about implementing them. Let’s see how effectively all the three machineries – Legislative, Administrative, and Judiciary – work to protect and honour the citizens of India.

If the machineries fail to deliver justice to the citizens, then the citizens lose hope in their very own country. We Indians are committed to live together in peace and harmony since ages. However, there are few infringe elements in the society who tries to disturb the peace and harmony should be thrown out of their agenda and punished severely according to the law of the land.

A country cannot flourish unless the citizens are safe in it.

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